Thursday, April 27, 2017

CD 13 (transfer date will be known tomorrow!)


Long time no update? Blame it on Miss P. :P After my last lucrin injection on 13th Jan 2017, my period didnt show up till 15th April 2017. That was more than 11 weeks which was estimated by Dr. Hatta.

To give a better view on what was my cycle was;

During January cycle, i had spotting for more than 14 days. This was due to the Vissane consumption. I had my one and only Lucrin injection on 13th January.

For February cycle, no period came. Lucrin injection was a success.

For March cycle also, no period came. Again Lucrin was a success. But I was starting to get worried.Dr Hatta estimated 11 weeks after 13th January. Period should have come on 31st March. By this time I was a bit sad and thinking i need medical intervention for my period to come. 

For April cycle, hubby manage to calm me down and asked me to wait for the period to come on its own. And alhamdulilah, period came showing her face on the 15th of April, 13 weeks after my Lucrin injection. 

I would not lie that i was VERY stressed with this Lucrin waiting game. Imagine how I will be on my 2weeks wait? Hopefully I could calm down.......

So i whatsapp my nurse on my CD1 - 15th April, and she asked me to make appointment with the clinic for Day3. And Day 3 - 17th April (Monday) i came and see Dr. P. Clinic was very full!! They are going to move to another location by next week (2nd May). The clinic will be expanding and upgraded with latest techniques and technology. Can't wait to visit the new clinic!

Dr P did his TVS and gives me the green light to start my FET this cycle. Yay! To note, Dr P really knows how to be gentle during TVS as i have never felt any pain or discomfort. In contrary if i were to do TVS with female docs, i usually have pain and discomfort. And when they can't locate my ovary, they will push my stomach until they found the ovary while the tvs is still in my cervix. Yeah, that was so uncomfortable!

So FET date will be decided tomorrow, CD14. My full cycle before lucrin is usually 30-32 days. FET will be on my Ovulation time which should be between day 15-17. Hopefully we get the date sooner so we could start all this earlier about 1st - 3rd May. 

Will update more after my appointment tomorrow. Insyallah.. :)
Please pray for me silent readers! 

p/s: thanks for emails coming from anonymous readers. I appreciate all of them. Should u all need any info, don't hesitate to email me ya..

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